The Crystal Company offers the largest selection of Waterford Crystal, Tracy Porter Dinnerware, Lenox China, Waterford China, Wedgwood China, Marquis by Waterford, Waterford Evolution, Riedel Wine Glasses, Jasperware & Vera Wang Crystal & China. Enjoy elegant Waterford crystal wine glasses, goblets, champagne flutes, bowls, vases, frames, clocks, holiday ornaments, wedding gifts, crystal lamps and chandeliers to eye catching Wedgwood, Lenox and Tracy Porter dinnerware and china.

Choose from our best selling crystal and china collection, like Waterford Crystal’s Lismore, Colleen and Araglin; Lenox China’s Butterfly Meadow, Charleston and Butlers Pantry; Tracy Porter eclectic Artesian Road and Citrine china Dinnerware.And remember you’ll receive free ground shipping on all orders over $75 and tax-free sales for all customers outside of Connecticut.

Best Selling Products

  • Waterford Crystal Glasses
  • Waterford Crystal Lamps
  • Waterford Crystal Clocks
  • Waterford Crystal Vases
  • Waterford Crystal Bowls
  • Waterford Marquis Crystal
  • Waterford Evolution Art Glass
  • Waterford Holiday
  • Tracy Porter Dinnerware
  • Lenox China
  • Wedgwood China
  • Jasperware China
  • Vera Wang Crystal Glasses
  • Vera Wang China
  • Riedel Wine Glasses
  • Swarovski Holiday

Best Selling Crystal Stemware& Wine Glasses

  • Waterford Lismore
  • Waterford Araglin
  • Marquis Summer Breeze
  • Marquis Sheridan
  • Robert Mondavi
  • Vera Wang Blanc
  • Vera Wang Lace
  • Riedel Vinum
Wonderful crystal wine glasses, goblets and flutes from Waterford Crystal, Riedel, Lenox & Vera Wang Crystal. 

Best Selling Dinnerware & China

  • Wedgwood Creamware
  • Wedgwood White
  • Artesian Road
  • Citrine
  • Butterfly Meadow
  • Butlers Pantry
  • Waterford Seahorse
Wonderful table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers from Waterford Crystal. Unique art glass from Waterford Evolution. 

Best Selling Sterling Silver & Flatware

  • Lenox Federal
  • Lenox Swedish Lodge
  • Lenox Tribeca
  • Lenox Imperial
  • Lenox Pearl
  • Lenox Eternal
  • Lenox Continental
  • Lenox Bellina
Sterling silver, silver plate and stainless steel flatware from Lenox. 

Best Selling Crystal Lighting, Gifts & Art Glass

  • Waterford Lamps
  • Waterford Chandeliers
  • Waterford Evolution
  • Waterford Marquis
Wonderful table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers from Waterford Crystal. Unique art glass from Waterford Evolution. 

Welcome to the Crystal Company, the online crystalstemwaredinnerwareflatware and fine china superstore and your source for crystal glasses, crystal wine glasses and decanters; crystal lamps and chandelierscrystal vases, ornaments and bowls; fine china plates, dinnerware and stainless steel flatware; silverware and sterling silver flatware.

The Crystal Company represents the finest crystal, dinnerware and flatware designers including: Waterford CrystalWedgwood ChinaVera Wang Stemware Waterford MarquisRobert Mondavi by WaterfordRiedel Wine GlassesDansk DinnerwareWaterford EvolutionLenox Flatware and Dinnerware

Here is a quick overview of the crystal, dinnerware and flatware designers are proud to represent.

Waterford Crystal – Since 1783 Waterford Crystal has been producing the world’s finest crystal stemware, glasses, crystal chandeliers, ornaments, lamps, clocks, bowls and crystal vases from their studios in Waterford, Ireland. Waterford’s Crystal’s most famous wine glass patterns include Waterford LismoreWaterford Colleen and Waterford Araglin.

Waterford Marquis – Waterford Marquis Crystal, introduced in 1991, is the first new brand in Waterford’s 220 years history. Marquis by Waterford products range from contemporary crystal glasses and stemware to giftware, crystal frames, crystal vases and bowls including Waterford Marquis Claria Platinum,  Waterford Marquis Caprice and Waterford Marquis Hanover Gold. Each piece of Marquis Waterford Crystal is finely crafted to Waterford’s exacting standards.

Wedgwood – Founded in 1759 by  Josiah Wedgwood, often referred to as the “Father of English Fine China”. Wedgwood China has established itself as the world’s finest producer of Wedgwood Fine China Dinnerware, vases bowls and decorative ornaments. Wedgwood China best known patterns include Wedgwood JasperwareWedgwood JasperWedgwood Queensware White DinnerwareWedgwood Traditions dinnerware and Wedgwood Wild Strawberry.

Waterford China – Waterford China, which is fine bone china, is a popular wedding gift and anniversary gift. Waterford Dinnerware is featured in both a Waterford Fine China line of dinnerware and Waterford casual china dinnerware. Recently Waterford launched the Waterford Mark Jacobs line of fine china dinnerware.

Robert Mondavi by Waterford Crystal – Waterford new Robert Mondavi wine glass collection features a superb new collection of wine and spirits crystal stemware including chardonnay wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses and cabernet wine glasses.

Waterford Evolution – Evolution by Waterford Crystal was new for spring of 2004 and features bold, vibrant colored crystal art glass at its finest. Waterford Crystal Evolutionincludes crystal vases, bowls, platters, candleholders, centerpieces and decanters. Is best exemplified by the Waterford Evolution Ocean Tide collection. All Waterford Evolution Collection items are moth blown art glass. No two pieces are exactly the same.

Vera Wang China & Vera Wang Crystal – Vera Wang China and Vera Wang Crystal are designed by Vera Wang, one of the leading and most innovative designers of our time and manufactured by Wedgwood China. Vera Wang’s collection of china dinnerware and crystal wine glasses feature such classic patterns as Vera Wang Love KnotsVera Wang Imperial Scroll China and Vera Wang Blanc Sur Blanc.

Riedel Wine Glasses – Since 1673 Riedel Crystal has been designing the world’s finest wine glass and crystal stemware. Riedel Vinum wine glasses are perhaps the company’s best known stemware collection as are Riedel O and Riedel Sommeliers wine glasses.

Wedgwood Jasperware – First developed in the 1770’s by Josiah Wedgwood, Jasperware by Wedgwood (also known as Wedgwood Jasper), has become one of the most recognizable china patterns in the world. Wedgwood Jasperware features a distinctive color way combination of white on blue, black, green and more recently white on taupe and turquoise. Jasperware by Wedgwood is most often featured on classic teapots, vases, plates, plaques, trays and clocks.

Lenox China – Since being founded in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox, Lenox China has created Lenox DinnerwareLenox Cups and Saucers, Lenox Figurines and collectibles for U.S. presidents, dignitaries – and families like yours across America. In fact, Lenox was the first American China to be used in the White House. Lenox most famous china dinnerware patterns include Lenox Solitaire ChinaLenox Butterfly MeadowLenox Autumn and Lenox Poppies on Blue.